The Elegance of Black and White - Meet Our Designers

Getting dressed in style has never been easier. The flattering elegance of black and white fashion is sophisticated, timeless, and always in-style.

The absence of color can be breathtaking!

The slimming silhouette of black color blocking gives a woman a trim figure-flattering look. The white complements her assets with clean simple lines.

There's nothing that can compare to the flattering contrast on any woman wearing a black and white ensemble, no matter her body shape, height, or size. Amies' Fashion carries breathtaking collections from two prominent Canadian designers who weave their magic when it comes to making a woman look truly beautiful. Their black and white fashions are a favorite.

Meet Our Designers

Joseph Ribkoff, a fashion forward French Canadian designer, understands that women are unique individuals that love chicly modern apparel, feminine styles, and flattering timeless designs. As the uncompromising quality of every garment is foremost to him, he keeps a keen eye on every aspect of the design process in his ultramodern cutting edge studio in Quebec. Women find his soft fabrics, color combinations, and flattering classic designer's cuts make him a favorite choice in fine apparel.

This modern Joseph Ribkoff jacket is a stunning mixture of styles: The glamorous forties peplum, the feminine renaissance style neckline, and the sensuous cinch fit of a romantic era. A favorite wardrobe piece that’s perfectly chic to mix with skirts, pants, or long flowing gowns.

Joseph Ribkoff ingeniously designs fabulous clothes for the independent woman who knows her own mind. Women love these fashions that will take them from the office to social gatherings effortlessly.

Frank Lyman

Frank Lyman, is another talented and fashion-forward Canadian designer of women's fine apparel that Amies Fashion is proud to carry. His collection is designed for the woman who is sure of herself, but charming, confident, and a bit daring. Women love the flirtatious nature of Frank Lyman’s feminine styles.

His designs are carefully created for all women regardless of stature, size, or shape. This is one reason that his collection is sought after by today’s independent women whose schedules are always full. His collection gives women the versatility to go from one event to the other and still look absolutely fabulous. These two Frank Lyman dresses both have black centers which are flattering to the waistline. Who wouldn’t want an irresistibly small waistline?

Also, if you wear the hemline right above the knees it will give you a sleek overall trim appearance.

Our black and white collection featuring both designers has many different styles to fit every woman’s taste. The amazing thing about black and white is that they’re complementary to all women and are ideal at hiding those little imperfections (that only we notice).

Style Tips:

  1. For instance, if you’re petite in height, wearing white on top (whether it’s a blouse, jacket, or part of the color of the dress) the eye will be drawn there first - giving you visible height and length. Voila! You’ll look taller.
  2. Another great magic trick is to wear the black portion of the dress where you have trouble spots or areas you would like to diminish and to be less noticeable. Don’t be surprised if you get tons of compliments on your beautiful figure.
  3. Now, if your arms are not your best asset, try wearing ¾ length sleeves to camouflage those areas. The ¾ length will allow your arms to look toned and shapely.
Amies Fashion is all about sophisticated styles for today’s independent woman. We invite you to shop our chic collection of flattering designer dresses, tops, blouses, pants, and jackets.

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